Authored Books

  1. The History of Hackney Downs School (London, 1971)
  2. The Railway Interest (Leicester University. Press, 1973) [Reprinted by Gregg Revivals, 1993]
  3. British Elections: Myth and Reality (B.T.Batsford, 1978)
  4. The Jewish Community in British Politics (Oxford University. Press, 1983)
  5. Pressure Groups and Government in Great Britain (Longman, 1984; 2nd impression 1987)
  6. Modern Britain 1700-1983: A Domestic History (Croom Helm 1986; reprinted 1987)
  7. The Federation of Synagogues, 1887-1987 (Federation of Synagogues, 1987)
  8. London Jewry and London Politics 1889-1986 (Routledge, 1989)
  9. Britain: A One-Party State? (Christopher Helm, 1989)
  10. Modern British Jewry (Oxford University Press, 1992; 2^nd edn 1998)
  11. Controversy and Crisis: Studies in the History of the Jews in Modern Britain (Academic Studies Press, 2008)
  12. The Communal Gadfly (Academic Studies Press, 2009)

Edited Books

  1. Governments, Ethnic Groups and Political Representation (editor and contributor) (European Science Foundation and Dartmouth Publishing, Aldershot, 1993)
  2. Outsiders and Outcasts: Essays in Honour of William J. Fishman (joint editor with C. Holmes, and contributor) (Duckworth, London, 1993)
  3. New Directions in Anglo-Jewish History (Academic Studies Press, 2010)

Other Independent Studies

  1. The History of the Hendon Synagogue 1928-1978 (London, 1978)
  2. The Jewish Vote in Great Britain since 1945 (University of Strathclyde Studies in Public Policy No. 72, 1980)
  3. The Jewish Shops Panel: A Guide for Jewish Market Traders (written with G. Hudes, Scott Markets Ltd., 1981)
  4. Anglo-Jewry: A Suitable Case For Treatment (privately published, 1990) [Inaugural Lecture delivered 17 Oct. 1989]
  5. Academic Duty and Communal Obligation: Some Thoughts on the writing of Anglo-Jewish History (Centre for Jewish Studies, University of London, 1994)
  6. The Holocaust: Why Did Anglo-Jewry Stand Idly By? (Graduate School of Jewish Studies, Touro College, New York, 2001)

A full list of Professor Geoffrey Alderman's publications is available for download here.

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